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Hi, I’m Burim,
a Content Marketing Pro.

As a seasoned digital marketing professional with 10+ years of experience, I specialize in crafting marketing strategies that bring organizations' brand to life and build communities. My expertise in branding, content creation, social media, and management has allowed me to deliver robust strategies that maximize the rewards of relationships.

Burim Ahmedi - Digital Marketeer
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Brand Strategist

I create a comprehensive brand strategy to maximize relationship rewards and build a community that adds value beyond products and services.

I develop a human brand that embodies the audience's expectations, trust, and personality through its behaviour, communication, and appearance.

My expertise in brand strategy enables me to effectively scale marketing while maintaining an organization's mission, purpose, vision, and values.

Digital Marketing

As a modern marketer, I blend growth and brand marketing to create synergies and achieve the highest return.

My strategies foster brand recognition, trust, and loyalty over time, and I strive to create moments of delight to turn audiences into brand advocates.

I align a brand's logo, name, tagline, website, social media channels, brand position, message, and story for a cohesive brand identity.

SEO | Content | EDM | Funnels

I use digital channels such as a website, SEO, email, content marketing, and promotions to achieve business objectives effectively.

I optimise the website for search engines, use email to engage and nurture leads, create valuable content to educate and build brand awareness, and implement promotional campaigns to amplify organic performance.

By utilising these digital channels in a strategic manner, I am able to meet and exceed business goals.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is often misunderstood and underutilised as a brand asset.

Successful Social Media requires a deep understanding of branding and audience to align with their interests and attract them.

I leverage Social Media to uncover share of voice, customer sentiment, feedback loops, product improvements, and affinities.

Story Telling

I use stories in marketing because they evoke emotions, engage a deeper part of the brain, and improve understanding and memory.

Instead of disrupting a conversation with a random story, I tap into the story already being told and add my message to it, making the audience feel as though it's their own journey.

This is how I grab and keep their attention.


I rely on data and analytics to set benchmarks, track KPIs, and identify trends and patterns.

This helps me uncover stories and gain a deeper understanding of an organisation's performance.

I gather insights from various sources to make informed choices, rather than relying solely on demographics. This approach leads to more effective marketing strategies and improved outcomes.

What my colleagues and managers say about me


Michele Aggiato
My manager whilst at Vorwerk

Michele Aggiato

Head of Customer Marketing

Reference Letter Snippet

January, 2021

Mr. Ahmedi has in-depth and practice-oriented knowledge that far exceeds his actual specialist area and which is of great benefit to our company. He has the rare and valuable quality of being able to familiarise himself quickly and comprehensively with new specialist areas and to link conceptual thinking with practical action. I would like to mention his willingness to take on extra work and his extremely high ability to work under stress. Management is always able to rely on his expeditious, prudent and conscientious manner of working, even in difficult situations. The company is always represented by him in an exemplary fashion.

Raffaela Di Capua
My Manager whilst at Vorwerk International Distribution Business

Raffaela Di Capua

Marketing Director

Reference Letter Snippet

January, 2022.

Thanks to his ability to quickly assimilate new ideas, Mr Ahmedi became familiar with the different areas of his job. As well as a good level of general knowledge, he has in-depth and comprehensive specialist knowledge that enabled him always to react to change independently and correctly. Moreover, his specialist competence and motivation allowed him to deal with his exhaustive workload thoroughly and achieve good results within a short time.

Rie Kubo
My manager whilst at Grays.com

Rie Kubo

Digital Marketing Manager

Reference Letter Snippet

March, 2016.

Burim is a reliable team player who contributed to the team in many ways. I always felt I could count on him and his peers, and his key stakeholders shared the same sentiment. In addition, Burim displays a Customer-first approach in delivering the best possible solutions for the business and carries a very calm and tolerant personality, regardless of the type of people projects require us to encounter. He possesses a growth mindset & therefore, can keep up with the ever-changing trends in marketing.

Rupert Sinniah
My direct report whilst at Grays.com

Rupert Sinniah

Marketing Producer / Coordinator

LinkedIn Recommendation

August, 2017.

I've had the privilege of working under Burim for 2 years. He has mentored me and I have learnt a great deal from his leadership and his experience. His positive attitude, dedication to his work and his team inspired us to work harder and to strive for more. I found his insight and experience invaluable, I will be happy to work with Burim again in the future and endorse him to any potential employers.

My direct report whilst at Grays.com

Sajan Nair

Campaign Manager

LinkedIn Recommendation

September, 2017.

I have had the privilege of working with Burim Ahmedi for close to 2 years as part of his team in Marketing. Over the years I have come to know him as a Manager who promotes individual growth of team members when it comes to the knowledge, skills and career. He uses unique ways to determine what the target market needs and has the capability of tweaking his marketing modules accordingly. As a pragmatic leader and a realist, he can grasp ideas in a holistic manner and still pay attention to minor details. Burim is known as diligent and personable. As a creative thinker who possesses a can-do attitude, Burim is a pleasure to work with. I recommend him for a marketing position at any organization that chooses to take benefit from his diverse skills.

Renuja Marshall
My direct report whilst at Grays.com

Renuja Marshall

Graphic Designer

LinkedIn Recommendation

July, 2017.

Burim is an excellent manager who I had the privilege of working under for two years. He has great insight into how to grow business via keeping up to date with marketing trends and understanding the customer experience while also understanding the balance between producing quality design & marketing material and time constraints. As a manager, he had genuine care and respect for his team and the people around him, always motivating his team and finding ways to help us achieve our individual career goals. I would highly recommend Burim for any organisation and strongly believe he is a great asset to any business.

My team colleague whilst at Grays.com

Bena Uzunova

Marketing Producer / Coordinator

LinkedIn Recommendation

April, 2022.

I worked along side Burim in the Marketing team at GraysOnline. Burim managed the auction side of online campaigns and the website collateral. He was a pleasure to work along side. He was always very focused, hard working, always willing to give anything a shot and would brighten the day with a joke or two. Would highly recommend Burim.

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